People have noticed in the recent years how in demand head gears were. There are tons of hats which were being fitted on by some regular guys’, models’, or even celebrities’ heads. Examples of these are straw hats, fitted hats, fedoras, cowboy hats, felt hats, hats too ridiculous to wear, and some other styles which were created. Even though there have been new and updated styles available, it is still the fitted hat which is considered as the most popular hat style created. Fitted hats were are still the hottest head gear trend as compared among all those other styles from truckers to baseball hats. See also the NBA Snapback Hats.You also can see a downside with this trend though. When you really want to look good with these hats, they have to fit perfectly on your head. However, it can take a long time for these hats to fit heads properly. Another thing is that it has been said that older looking caps look a lot better. Basically, there has been invention of ways to shrink and age hats faster because not all people are willing to endure long periods of “new hat” comments.

When you have a hat made up of this then you can have no more problem. The hot water method can be used to shrink your hat. This is a method which top sports fashion sites mostly recommend. Washing wool with hot water can shrink it eventually. In order to avoid the color to run, do not wash yet the hat. Rather, you can wet it with hot or warm water, no detergent must be used, and then wear it. The hat can be pushed and form it in a round-shaped object like a bowl or a ball similar to your head size when you do not like to feel that dampness. While some people shower with their MLB Snapback Hats on. Once the color would start running, you may have to rinse it with cold water as quickly as possible and then dry it with a hand dryer, otherwise, allow the hat to dry while wearing it. Taking on the perfect molded shape is possible. Simply position the hat in the same way as to how you are going to wear it. Since air drying can be done so that you will not anymore smell the damp, just stay away from sunlight as the sun can bleach your hat. Those who are not willing to risk the color of their hats can have or use another method. Significantly, you can see your hats shrink the moment you cut out the mesh in the inside of your hat and take out the board as well. This is a method which is more at risk because of the possibility that your hat will have the tendency to change shape or be deformed. You do not only see it as looking old but also looking very battered.

You have to buy a good brand with a really good fit when you want to have only the best fitting hats. You can also break fitted hats in when you always wear them. An authentic old look and feel without deformity caused by hastening the aging and fitting process can also be achieve with your fitted hats, hats for games, and other hats.

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